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Anti Graying Pack   Price : $ 33
In this modern age most causative factors of premature graying are:

Lack of copper, zinc and calcium folic acid
Sudden shock
Too much mental stress

Taking all these points into consideration our Herbal Anti Graying Pack is prepared. It is 100% natural, herbal and without any chemicals.

Just try and feel the difference.
Just try and feel the difference.

The special ingredients in this herbal formula are:

  • Henna : Give natural deep brown color to hair and yes has cooling and soothing effect on scalp too.
  • Amla : Used for promoting healthy and black hair growth, strengthens hair root and restores it natural color.
  • Gotu kula : Applied on the scalp for nourishing hair roots and promoting hair growth.
  • Walnut leaves : Nourishes and gives natural black color to hair

    This combination is prepared on the basis of ancient traditional therapies.
    For lustrous, black, healthy and glossy hair.

Each jar contains 250 gm powder (8-oz) 9-10-applications.
Each jar costs 33 US $.

Rate of 250 gm of powder is US $ 33.00
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Welcome to Family Care Clinic

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Welcome to Family Care Clinic
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