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Inability in a woman to conceive or in a man to induce conception is termed as Infertility.

Causes and symptoms

According to ayurveda vitiation of the various doshas – vatta, pitta, kafha – any one of them or all the 3 together is likely to lead to sterlity / infertility .

Female infertility   may be due to failure to ovulate, obstruction in fallopian tube, or any disease/ infection / inflammation  in the uterus

Male infertility  may be due to low sperm count or poor quality of sperm or total absence of  sperm .

Infertility in males and females are treated  separately. 

  Usha Mathur  

Disease : infertility

I was sufferring from irregular menstruation and ovulation and my husband was suffering from Infertility  - low sperm count   since few  years,So I was not able to conceive after marriage. After taking regular  treatment from Dr. Ritu Bhardwaj, at Family Care Clinic, results were excellent.I was able to conceive and delivered healthy baby. Medicines used were safe, effective, affordable and without any side effects.

Thank you very much.


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Welcome to Family Care Clinic

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Welcome to Family Care Clinic
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