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No Doctor Consultation Fees:
The online consultation is not charged by the doctors at Family Care Clinic. We work with the purpose of helping the people who really need us. So, when You meet the doctors online out there at the website of Family Care Clinic. You can take there consultation without paying anything for it. The consultation Fees otherwise charged on other medical websites is 75-100 US$. So, save 100US$ and get free consultation from this website.
Free Doctor Consultation:
The doctors on the website of Family Care Clinic consult the patients who And want to talk to them online absolutely free. People can simply log on to The website of Family Care Clinic can talk to the doctors, and take their advice for which they don’t have to pay a single penny.
No Physical Exam Needed:
Nature is the greatest doctor in itself and Ayurveda is a branch of Medical Science which tries to cure diseases with the helpof natural things. It is concerned more with the symptoms and not physical tests. So, for the Ayurvedic and Herbal treatments What we need to know is the symptoms of a particular disease and that is the reason Why we do not need to do any physical exams for starting our treatment. For us The symptoms are enough to deal with any disease because it is the symptom of a disease Which lead us to the root of the disease which helps us a lot in treatment.
No Prior Prescription Required:

yurveda has got all to do with nature and how to cure diseases with the help Of nature. So we don’t need to study the prior prescription or the history of the Medicines used or taken by the patient for the concerned disease he is suffering With All we need to know is the symptoms and please don’t worry Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines have absolutely no side effects because they are given by our well experienced doctors.



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Welcome to Family Care Clinic

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Welcome to Family Care Clinic
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